Hottest Day of the Year Post

19th June 2017

Oh my, I used to be so good at updating my blog* and now no new entries for months! If you keep up with me, however, you’ll know I hang out on Twitter and that’s where I post a lot of my news. Why break my blog silence now? Well, because things are starting to heat up (literally, the sun’s even out in England), and Heartland’s publication is just 10 weeks away. It feels like an age since I last had a book out and now that the trilogy is finished, I can’t wait to share it with you all.

I’m sure you’ve seen me banging on about my newsletter, but I’ll be sharing a lot of never-before-seen content, including excerpts from Heartland (and Firestorm later in the year). It’s monthly so you won’t be bombarded by my ramblings; you can sign up using the link above.

This week, I’m launching a series of posts introducing Acre and its principal characters, including 4 original illustrations from two artists! I hope you’ll give them some love, as their work is fabulous.

Hopefully by the time Heartland comes out, you’ll all be ready to dive right in. Despite the name, it can be a pretty heartless place, deserts and slavers, a crumbling empire, failing technology, brewing rebellion…and a weird sect of assassins who dance through time. If that sounds like your cup of tea, you can pre-order it from Amazon or Waterstones – every single pre-order will help the book reach more readers and you’ll have my eternal gratitude.

Keep an eye out for both Net Galley access and paperback giveaways next month. I’m running one for the new edition of Starborn as well as Heartland, which will come with lots of cool stuffs inc handwritten letters from certain characters, tattoo transfers, maybe even a tote bag or two. I mean everyone loves branded totes right? In the meantime…

…I’m really excited to be at my first Edge Lit Derby (July 15th)! Here’s where you’ll find me:

3pm – Epic! Why is High Fantasy Still Riding A Wave of Popularity? Charlie Fletcher, Lucy Hounsom, Stan Nicholls, Anna Stephens

4pm – New Voices: How Hard Is It To Break Into Fantasy Fiction?  Zen Cho, Lucy Hounsom, Emma Newman, Peter Newman, Natasha Pulley


And after that the season really gets going. Breaking the Glass Slipper is back at Nine Worlds recording a live podcast and, if the current weather is anything to go by, I’ll be melting in my cosplay. I believe there’s also the annual Fantasy in the Court at Goldsboro Books to look forward to, as well as Fantasycon in September. Busy summer 🙂


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