21st September 2016


Fantasycon has come around again, rather like Christmas, and I’ll be embarking on the insane drive up to Scarborough from Devon this Friday. Here’s where I’l be at this weekend –

Friday, 3pm, Royal Ballroom, Royal Hotel: Kicking things off with IT’S A KIND OF MAGIC with Sue Tingey, Peter McLean, Irene Soldatos, James Bennett, Peter NewmanMagic In Fantasy Fiction: Do You Need It At All, And How Do You Use It Well?

Saturday, 11.30-12, Reading Cafe, The Royal: Reading with James Oswald. Come hear me read from Heartland, Book Two of the Worldmaker Trilogy.

Saturday, 4pm, Palm Court Ballroom, Grand Hotel: THE LONG AND WINDING ROAD with Scott Lynch, Meg Davis, Sam Bradbury, Angus Watson, Jamie Sawyer. Why Are The Novel and The Novel Series So Dominant in Genre Fiction?

Saturday, 7pm, Royal Ballroom, Royal Hotel: THE DAVID GEMMELL AWARDS, in which Starborn is up for best fantasy debut. Scary stuff.

Otherwise I’ll be haunting the bar in my usual fashion. Hope to see you there!

***I will have A TON of cool Breaking the Glass Slipper stickers with me. Come snag me if you want some***

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