Nine Worlds!

3rd August 2016

It’s August (what) which means…NINE WORLDS! Quite an outing for me as it involves putting actual clothes on rather than just my writing pjs.

Here is what I’ll be up to and where / when it’s happening. On FRIDAY we have…


…about which all my lovely notes were taken from Sebastien’s workshop on writing fight scenes last year. Awkward.

Then we have…


…which sounds awesome but fairly damn serious. Luckily I have some serious writers to back me up.



This one’s very special: a live recording of our podcast BREAKING THE GLASS SLIPPER: Nine Worlds edition! Do come along and listen. We have some great guests and it’s free to attend but make sure you get your name on the signup sheet, as we’re in a small room for recording purposes.

If you want to track me down, just look for Daenerys – that’ll be me unless there happens to be two of us, which would be pretty cool actually. I’m in the Qarth dress.

And don’t forget – if you haven’t done so, you can still vote in the Gemmell Awards right up until August 19th. Starborn and I are shortlisted for the Morningstar and we would be ever so grateful.

See you all soon! x

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