Starborn blog tour roundup

7th May 2015

I’ve had a hectic few weeks dashing off articles left right and centre and it’s been absolutely awesome. I’m honoured to have appeared on some super blogs and websites as part of the publicity campaign for Starborn and I thought it’d be fun to do a post about my journey across the interwebs. Thank you to everyone who came to the Goldsboro launch of Starborn – I was totally stunned to see so many people there and you really made it the best night I could have wished for.

I began my journey at SFF World all the way back at the start of March where I talked about some of the elements in Starborn, the difficulties I faced in writing it and why I love the fantasy genre.

The Waterstones Blog has been kind enough to post several of my articles over the course of 2014 and this time invited me back to talk about becoming part of the pattern of the bookshop. I loved writing this post about being both a writer and a bookseller and how I feel they complement each other.

fallbackThe folk at SciFi Now asked me some excellent questions about characterisation and the current state of the fantasy genre (we both think it’s booming).

I had a great conversation with Anna, editor of Exeter Living magazine about Poldark and writing. She asked some very cool things like ‘which era would you travel back to’? (I chose the time of the Romantic poets). exeter living

Sarah Hughes’ post on Guardian Books has received a huge 4500 shares and it was so cool getting to chat to her about the hot topic of women writing fantasy.

My official blog tour started at where I talked about the story behind Starborn.

Then I stopped at Fiction Fascination to discuss 10 Random Things. Mine range from embarrassing editorial decisions to the merits of short people to appearing in The Importance of Being Earnest film (follow link for photo).

I talked to the infamous Book Smugglers about my inspirations and influences.

And then I revealed some embarrassing facts about my taste in music on Fantasy Faction.

Blog tourGot to rave about The Dark Crystal and Labyrinth over at One More Page.

And then the great Civilian Reader asked me about my writing and research practices, about what I loved to read and the future of fantasy.

It was a huge honour to appear on the lovely Daphne’s Winged Reviews blog in her Bookish Firsts feature. I took her at her word and dug my favourite picture books out of my memory.

And the final stop of the blog tour was none other than Mugglenet where I got to write about the Sorting Ceremony and generally how awesome Harry Potter is.

tor1I’ve also been working on an article about the British female fantasy scene which appeared recently on

And just two days ago, my sister (whose début novel The Confectioner’s Tale was published on the same day as Starborn) and I were at We Love This Book to talk about the weird fact that we’re both writers.

So…crazy times. But somehow I also managed to finish the first draft of Book Two and send it off to my editor (hooray). Title forthcoming…

Thank you to everyone who retweeted, favourited and shared my stuff over the past two months. It means a lot 🙂

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