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28th February 2015

So things are hotting up a bit for me now. Tomorrow I can officially say that my first book is published next month, which is exciting and also quite scary. The physical proofs of Starborn have been out in the world for about six weeks now and I’ve started to see some reviews appearing here and there. The response so far is really positive and that’s awesome.

Tor will be revealing the cover very soon now (I’ve seen it and it’s marvellous, can’t wait to share) and apologies in advance for being all over Twitter when that happens. In the meantime I’m just home from a busy week up near London. On Wednesday I recorded my first podcast for Starburst Magazine (I think I’d have to do a hundred of these before becoming used to it) and that’ll be up shortly. It’s in the form of a brief interview about me and my book and if anyone finds themselves listening to it, I’m sorry for sounding like a ten year old (why do recordings do that)?

Then on Thursday I sauntered* on down to Tor Towers or the Pan Macmillan offices as they’re officially known only to find they’d let Chris Riddell draw all over the walls for World Book Day. Being Chris Riddell, it was a work of supreme genius and my phone cannot do it justice. 2015-02-26 12.47.42 I was treated to a delicious lunch and then whisked back to do my first bit of book signing (it was 3 proofs, but hey). And then because you can’t go to the Pan Mac offices without coming away with free books** B-x1K9VWsAACc5oI scored a copy of the highly anticipated Uprooted by Naomi Novik and insisted on hauling it around for the rest of the evening instead of having it posted to me.

Because I’m not often in London, I went for a stroll around Head Office (or Waterstones Piccadilly) before heading off to the launch of one of my favourite books of 2015 so far – Jen Williams’ The Iron Ghost, which I reviewed last month for Fantasy Faction.

Jen reading from The Iron Ghost

Jen reading from The Iron Ghost

Forbidden Planet launches are always dangerous due to the risk of purchasing cool but unnecessary shineys, so it was a good thing there were so many awesome people there to distract me. 2015-02-26 18.16.07The dragon biscuits and I both had a great night and I hope we all gave The Iron Ghost a proper send off.

So now it’s the weekend and I’m back in Devon where a secret introvert like me belongs. I’m busy with outstanding articles for Waterstones, SFF World and Mugglenet among others, and keeping up a constant tempo beneath these is the URGENT that is Book Two. Next week I’ll be making the surreal journey to my old university to take part in an alumni careers event where I am almost certain to be mistaken for an undergraduate. I’m tearing feverishly through literature in preparation for a Buzzfeed article about the British Female Fantasy scene and, to this end, my current read is The Fire Sermon. Next up is Smiler’s Fair and then probably The Catalyst and The Mime Order. My TBR pile hasn’t looked larger.

Starborn’s London launch will be at Goldsboro Books on 30th April, time TBC and it would be ace to see as many of you there as can make it! For the westcountry crowd, I’m having no fewer than TWO events at my local Waterstones where I will sell you my book as well as sign it – how is that for customer service? 😉 They’ll include a signing on Saturday 2nd May at 1pm followed by a proper Exeter Roman Gate launch on the evening of Friday 8th (which WILL feature free wine).

Lots of work and lots to look forward to 🙂


*more an ungainly run through bucketing rain

**this is of course excellent

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