July Update

19th July 2014

Hello peeps,

I know I said I was going to try and post on here more often = fail. But here I am with some news.

First off, because I’m English, I’m going to remark on the weather. What a summer we’ve having! I am a sun lizard (with fair, easily burned skin) so I revel in long, hot, blue-sky days. I’ve been working outside in the garden lately, surrounded by cups of coffee and delighting in the fact I can now fully justify sitting at home writing stories. /cheer.

I had edits for Starborn at the beginning of June and I loved jumping back into the story after a few months’ hiatus. Now I’ve just handed in a second set and am beginning to feel this book might be well on its way. It’s been great fun discussing maps and star names with my editor, whose help has been absolutely invaluable. *Note to self: send baked goods of gratitude*. And I still wake up every day thinking how lucky I am to be living the dream I first had as a teenager.

Awesome news from my equally awesome agent last week too: a German offer for both Starborn and its sequel! It’s hard enough to believe someone wants to read my book in this language let alone in another. Afaik, Piper Fantasy (Piper Verlag) will be publishing Starborn next Spring, so both editions should come out roughly around the same time. Huge thanks, Pan Macmillan rights team! *More baked goods*.

In between edits, I’ve been writing articles on Studio Ghibli for Fantasy Faction (next up, a review of Edward Cox’s debut, The Relic Guild), reading more books (I’ve still got an enormous TBR pile), and working on the opening chapters of book 2.

Switching to bookseller mode, my recommendation this month is The Girl With All The Gifts by M. R. Carey (Orbit). It’s been in the Waterstones Book Club, which is a huge recommends in itself. Even if – like me – you’re not all that fussed about zombies, this book slams the worn old trope to deliver a fresh, exciting, touching and terrifying story that will have you reading late into the night. And now it’s out in paperback.


So August is nearly here and that means I’m leaving my Westcountry haven for the big city. Here follow some seriously great events (and you’ll find me lurking around at pretty much all of them):

8-10th August: Nine Worlds Convention. My first ever con visit (hoping this will be good practice for Loncon). Big thumbs up to the organisers because there are panels here that sound epic. I will definitely be attending Writing the Inhuman (Pete Sutton, Adrian Tchaikovsky, David Mumford, Laure Eve, Jennifer Williams) and Epic Fantasy (Den Patrick, Scott Lynch, Rebecca Levene, Elizabeth Bear, Gaie Sebold) among a good few others. For all the tracks, go here. I also (perhaps foolishly) signed up for Water Dancing with Game of Thrones’ Miltos Yerolemou.

12th August: Fantasy in the Court hosted by Goldsboro Books (in association with Tor UK and Harper Voyager). Check out the line-up here.

13th August: It gets tricky because there are two events and I am desperately attempting to visit both. GollanczFest @ Waterstones Piccadilly. And Fantasy Faction’s Grim Gathering @ Waterstones Kensington. Stellar guests at both. Join the Grim Gathering here on Facebook.

14th-18th August: Loncon3. Now up to 7k members, this is going to be one massive con and I am a little bit scared.


5-7th September: FantasyCon in beautiful York.

So I swear I’ll be totally evented-out come October. Hope to meet tons of you there!

In the meantime, there’s Sidmouth Folk Week to look forward to…

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